Club officers Election (as given in the T.I. Website)

In May, all clubs must elect annual officers serving from July 1 of the current year, through June 30 of the following year, or semiannual officers serving from July 1 of the current year, through December 31 of the current year. Semiannual terms are an option available only to clubs that meet weekly.

Before March 31: Appoint a nominating committee (see Club Constitution and the Standard Bylaws for Clubs of Toastmasters International). The committee should be chaired by the immediate past president or most recent past president available.

Last meeting in April: Nominating committee reports to the club.

First meeting in May: The nominating committee report is presented to the club. If the nominating committee has no report at the last meeting in April, postpone the election until one week after the meeting at which the report is given. Call for nominations from the floor. Nominations and elections begin with the president and proceed in descending order.

  Remember: A quorum (51 percent of active members) is needed to conduct business (including electing officers). Proxies or absentee ballots are not allowed at the club level. Members must be active and present to vote. Donft forget to fill out a club and officer information form online at the Club Central section immediately following your election so the correct officers will receive every important mailing. Or your club may submit the club and officer information form by mail or fax, instead.

Supplemental information (by the founding president)

On the day of election, following the presentation by the nomination committee Chair on the name of nominee for each officerfs position, Club president shall make the following statement. gIs there any additional nomination from the floor, which can either be self-nomination or nomination of other member?h If additional nomination is made in response to this call, voting shall be carried out for that specific officers position. If there is no additional nomination from the floor, then the Club president shall announce, gSince there is no additional nomination from the floor, the nominees have been implicitly elected to the respective positions. Officers elect, please come forward and receive applause of fellow Club members. Fellow Toastmasters please join me in congratulating new Club officers with a big hand.h

A typical error made by the Club president in the case in which there was no additional nomination from the floor is that he/she says, gThose who approve of new officers please raise your hand.h Why this is erroneous procedure is because if the number of hands raised did not reach the majority it indicates the Club denied work of the nomination committee the Club entrusted. The Club president is reminded that he/she should never make this error.