Pictures of Club Activities

Aoba-ku Collaboration Forum on February 14 at Aoba-Ward Office

VPPR, Oshimo presented 90-seconds' Message at the Forum (Photo/right; from Aobamin Video Clip)

Joint Meeting with Yokohama TMC on December 20 at Yashima Gakuen University

Samta Claus visited the meeting(left) Two clubs gathered together(center) TMoD and award recipients(right)

All participants said "cheese!!"

Aoba-ward-residents Communication Center Festival on November 23 at "Tana Station"

Our club joined the festival and displayed manuals and handouts.
DTTMC members explain Toastmasters Club activities to visitors.

Den-en Toshi TMC hosted Area 46 Humorous Speech (English) Contest
on September 28th at Sagami Women's University

Contest Chair, TM Motooka (3rd from the left) , Chief Judge, TM Koyama(the right),
Contestants and Contest officials

Interviewer, TM Ato interviewed Contestants(English) /Contestants(Japanese) said "CHEESE"

In-House Humorous Spech Contest was held on September 13 at Art Forum Azamino.

Contest Winners, TM Tamura(1st Place) and TM Inoue(3rd Place) were surrounded by Area 46 Governer Kiriyama(right),
Contest Chair TM Fuse(right 2nd), President Okabe(left 2nd), and Chief Judge TM Miura(left).
TM Tomita(2nd Place) returned home before the award presentation.

Interview Session was conducted by TM Yamada with big laughter.

New Officers were installed on July 12 at Art Forum Azamino

Right to Left;
VPE TM Morita, VPM TM Miura, SAA TM Yamamoto, Secretar TM Fuse, President TM Okabe and Installation Officer, TM M.Motooka
VPPR TM Oshimo and Treasurer TM Akaoka were absent from the ceremony.

New President, TM Okabe made inagurarion speech showing the slogan,“A,L,L” in new term, 2014-2015.

End of Term Party was held after the regular meeting on June 28 at Forum Azamino

Workshop titled "How to Listen Effectively" was cordinated by TM Inaba on March 8, 2014

TM Fuse introduced Toastmasers' Activities and our club at Aoba-ku Collaboration Forum at Tana Station on March 30,2014

One-day English Camp at Yokohama Area on February 22, 2014

New Club Executive Team headed by TM Ken-ichiro Noda installed on July 13, 2013

From left to right
Installation officer - TM Mariko Motooka
President: TM Ken-ichiro Noda
VPE: TM Kazuyo Kumasaka
VPM: TM Noaoya Terashima
VPPR: TM Hiroshi Kodaira
Secretary: Akira Yamamoto
Treasurer: Hiroshi Miura
SAA: Yoichi Fuse
IPP: Kuniko Onozuka

TM Mariko Motooka (center) receives 2011 - 2012 Toastmaster of the Year Award

20th Anniversary Cereblation was held on March 5, 2011 at Onward Training Center, Blue Stream

One-day English Camp at Kamigou Morino-ie 2008-06-27

Link to: One-day English Camp program.pdf

Division C International Speech Contest

Held at Tekuno Kawasaki collocated with Japanese Speech Contest of April 13, 2008. Both contests were planned and implemented jointly with Yamato Biligual Toastmasters Club.

1st place - Kiminari Azuma of Yamato Bilingual TMC (right)
2nd place - Matthew Dean Ownby of Atsugi Zama TMC (middle)
3rd place - Jason Yang of Tokyo Bilingual TMC (left)

Joint meeting with Kamakura TMC on 2007-02-03

At Enoden Fujisawa Station

At Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Meeting scene

Members' commenting at the end of the meeting

Party after the meeting

15th anniversary reception at Aobadai Forum 2006-04-29

District76/Division B Table Topic Speech Contest

Hosted by Den-en Toshi Toastmasters Club on October 31, 2004 at Azamino Melondia

1st place TM Daniel Nestle from Gartner Japan TMC (second left)

2nd place TM Linda Wittig from DTTMC (Fourth left)

3rd place TM Masashi Wada from Atsugi-Zama TMC (Third left)

TM Maekawa of the host Club performs his magic

Key staff of the hosting Club to run the contest

Group picture of the Hosting Club